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  • Monster (from the past)

    In 2006 in Japan, I recorded a promo mix from tracks I had been playing then. It was made on an Ableton Live setup – so it was full of added samples and the 73min mix consisted of as many as 19 tracks (that’s 3:45 per track).

    I didn’t know about harmonic mixing then. I hadn’t yet devised DJ notation. But by careful track pre-selection, I was able to come up with some pretty neat transitions and a really enjoyable set.

    The day before yesterday, I found the master CD in my old stuff. Unfortunately, it’s taken some damage since 4 years ago and I wasn’t able to find the original recording anywhere on my harddrives. Also, it seems I’ve lost the tracklist, and some of the tracks are now totally strange to me. UPDATE: I’ve found the tracklist! See below.

    But anyways, here it is: Monster. One of my earliest full-CD mixes. Made in Japan.

    Listen: Philip Age - Monster
    Download: Philip Age – Monster, .torrent


    1. Intro (see below)
    2. Hybrid – Know Your Enemy
    3. Bionic Rockers – Code 0320 (Higher Freq Remix)
    4. AFK – Dreamcache (Formulate Rmx) (Philip Age Edit)
    5. Hell – Je Regrette Everything (Superpitcher Mix)
    6. Hybrid – I’m Still Awake (Grayarea Mix)
    7. Perfect Stranger – What’s The Lineup
    8. Antix – Return of the Master (Antix Remix)
    9. James Holden – Break in the Clouds
    10. Afroboogie – Rock the House
    11. Sander Kleinenberg – The Fruit (Buick Project Mix)
    12. Hybrid – Dreaming Your Dreams
    13. HD69 – Smagged Out
    14. Hybrid – Altitude
    15. Moogwai – The Nord Song
    16. Oforia – Into Another Universe
    17. Son Kite – Catch
    18. Reefer Decree – Gone For Good
    19. Outro

    The intro track (#1) is a sample taken from Monster (モンスター), the anime series by NTV. I’m not a big anime fan but I really recommend this one. The other samples throughout the set are taken from all over the place.

    Comments? Ideas?