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  • New harmonic mixing DJ tool for free

    This one’s for the DJs out there:

    If you’re mixing harmonically, you’ll often find yourself on the other side of the Camelot Wheel than you’d like to be. If you’re like me, your mixes tend to gravitate around E Minor (9A) and A Minor (8A). That’s because those 2 scales are used by a big portion of club hits out there.

    That doesn’t mean that there aren’t great tracks E-Flat Minor (2A), for example. Quite the contrary. The problem is that they’re too far away. It would just take too much time to get there — so you stick with the usual suspects.

    Here’s something you can do about it: make the transition in one single track. The problem is 99.99% tracks start end end in the same key. That’s why you need to make the track yourself.

    Here’s what I made today. It’s a little progressive house DJ tool called Space Hulk. It’s not mindblowing, but it’ll get you from point A (9A) to point B (3A).

    <a href="http://philipage.bandcamp.com/track/space-hulk">Space Hulk by Philip Age</a>

    [If you can’t see the player above, go here, listen and download.]


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    1 Miha July 27, 2010 v 2:35 pm

    Smart. Do you have some key statistics more?

    Comments? Ideas?