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  • Dave Seaman Tribute set

    Dave Seaman photoThis Saturday, I played a Dave Seaman-esque set at Oscillator. You may ask why the hell do I play another DJ’s music – well it’s because I love Dave Seaman’s mixes & tracks, but unfortunately I can’t afford to have him come to Prague. :)

    So I compiled what I think is the best of his production, plus the tracks I love on his Masters Series and Audio Therapy mixes.

    And because I’m pretty sure Dave Seaman isn’t going to release a Dave Seaman tribute set like this one, I actually think it isn’t that redundant, either.

    So if you like Dave Seaman’s music and if you loved his past mixes, I think you might enjoy this 1 hour set by yours truly. Download Dave Seaman Tribute set here (99 MB).

    Philip Age - Dave Seaman Tribute Set

    Tracklist – Note: Not all tracks are by (or inspired by) Dave Seaman:

    1. Fusion F, Come T – Responsibility (Shaker Remix) versus Hawaii – Pure (Acapella)
    2. Bedrock – Santiago (Dave Seaman’s Group Therapy Remix)
    3. Matt Rowan, Jaytech – Tomorrow
    4. Hernan Cattaneo, Soundexile, Tomomi Ukomori – Cripsis (Quivver Remix)
    5. Daniel Boon – Woop (Lutzenkirchen Remix)
    6. Jay Lumen – Morning Cocktail
    7. Dave Seaman, Funkagenda – Mighty Ming
    8. Josh Gabriel, Dave Seaman – Heyaah
    9. Dave Seaman – Gobbledygook (Funkagenda’s Repulse Mix)
    10. Infusion – So Soon (King Unique Remix) versus Hawaii – Pure (Acapella)

    Mixed this afternoon on 2 CDJs & a sampler.

    Let me know if you like it! Remember it was recorded in one take with no post-production, so it can’t be flawless – especially the volume leveling could be better. But hey, it’s not that bad, really.

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